28th October 2021

Room for Black in the Union Jack

Since the arrival of the expatriates – yes, expatriates! – from the Caribbean on the SS Windrush, a former German transport ship captured and renamed to reflect Allied World War II victory in 1946, the question of the people’s – who’s only shared-difference was their skin being darker – right to stay in the United... View Article


Gwan! Why you should go to Carnival

23rd August 2021

We get it. We know. It sucks. Like really sucks. Another year without the glits, the glam. Another year without Notting Hill Carnival (NHC). Argh, where’s the rum? Every year – usually – in August, Ladbroke Grove gets a makeover. And so do we. We bring the feathers, the food and the rum to our... View Article


Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

6th August 2021

Let’s start by congratulating Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson for talking bronze, silver and gold in the 100m at the Tokyo Olympics! The island has much to be proud of on its Independence Day. Jamaica is packed to the brim with things that mystify the world. Some of us Brits, yearly, scamper and... View Article


A Mango in Nevis

19th July 2021

In normal times, on the first weekend of July, Nevisians would kick up ‘them foot’ with flocking tourists who fly, swim and sail for Nevis’ Mango Festival. Feasting on the dishes created to honour the islands 44 varieties of mango. Sadly, due to the pandemic the Nevisian Tourist Authority has been forced to pause tourism... View Article


Happy World Rum Day

10th July 2021

8,000 years back in New Guinea, humanity fell in love with the true white gold, even before they were able to unlock the secrets to turn into the rum we know today. Humans were used as property to do the backbreaking work in terrible conditions in order to supply the insatiable demand for sugar. But... View Article


Happy Windrush Day

22nd June 2021

Today marks Windrush Day and we at the Rum Kitchen would like to pay homage and celebrate the culture and contributions of the British Caribbean community, who make our mission statement of ‘Be More Carnival’ possible. The essence of togetherness, journey, good food and music are all hallmarks of our company mission, quite in the... View Article


Brighton and the Rum Cove

15th June 2021

Can you smell that? No, that?! The air. Fresh air. Fresh seaside air. Brought in with the tide to soothe the moisture sliding down your forehead as you wonder if your sun-hat is really doing its job, or whether you put on too much sun lotion or not, but you thank your lucky stars anyway,... View Article


Rum Kitchen x The Social Social Club

8th June 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first ever IGTV content segment, THE SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB in partnership with The Beat London radio presenter, Başak Erten. Each episode involves mixology, rum, cocktails and great conversation direct from our Brixton restaurant with RK bartender Sam.


Jamrock Rockin’

21st May 2021

It’s cold. Like really cold. And raining – it’s English weather, so it’s expected. But that’s outside.  Inside, there’s warmth. People are hugging their friends, family and loved ones. Whereas outside, the only thing worth a hug is their coats. Outside, people are dodging the rain to run for a train, a bus, a black... View Article


The Real Rude Boy

6th May 2021

Every drink that has blessed a bartop, been laid on a napkin, been served neat or on ice, in a long glass or a coupe, a martini, a flute or a rocks glass, has a story. Whether it is Jennings Cox’s moment of genius whilst stationed in Cuba to make the Daiquiri, or Dick Bradsell’s... View Article


Clark’s Caribbean Love Affair

21st April 2021

If you were asked to name a few fashion heavyweights you might say the usual suspects: Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and so forth. These maybe the names slipping off everyone lips. But in the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica, there’s only one titan that matters for footwear… Clarks. And the love affair has been going on since 1940s.


Remembering Bunny Wailer

10th April 2021

Just over a month ago the world lost another music icon – Neville Livingston OM OJ, better known as Bunny Wailer, today would be celebrating his 74th birthday. Alongside Bob Marley and Peter Tosh he was the most prominent of the founding members of legendary reggae group - The Wailers.


How Jerk BBQ Saved My University Experience

30th March 2021

It’s no shocker that the pandemic has suspended all means of what any of us consider a ‘normal life’. Last week marks one year since the first national lockdown was announced across the UK, and it’s difficult not to reminisce the exciting memories we created for ourselves and others, let alone the spirited, non-consequential freedom we drastically took for granted.


From your Couch to the Caribbean with these authors.

22nd March 2021

Have you watched all the latest shows on Netflix? Are you tired of looking at travel throwbacks on Instagram? If the answer is yes, we have a suggestion for you!


International Women’s Day 2021

8th March 2021

All women deserve a future with equal rights and opportunities. This International Women's Day, we celebrate gender and equality for all women and girls around the world. The 2021 campaign theme is #ChooseToChallenge, challenging inequality and calling out gender bias.



4th March 2021

This year, University Mental Health day falls under an unprecedented era of social distancing, where many are separated from friends and family. Not being able to connect with loved ones in person for a prolonged period of time can sometimes result in a decline of personal wellbeing, both mentally and emotionally.



16th February 2021

Pancake Day 2021 is here and we think many of us could use a nice treat during these challenging and dull lockdown days.


DJs in December

9th December 2020

Helping bring the Colour to our Christmas this year are our epic DJs, who will be spinning records across all our sites from Thursday to Sunday till the end of December. For line ups keep your eyes on our socials. Covers are limited so we strongly recommend you book your spot in advance!



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