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6th August 2021

Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

Let’s start by congratulating Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson for talking bronze, silver and gold in the 100m at the Tokyo Olympics! The island has much to be proud of on its Independence Day.

Jamaica is packed to the brim with things that mystify the world. Some of us Brits, yearly, scamper and hammer our suitcases shut to visit ‘the Land of Wood and Water’ because of it. Jamaica is the home of reggae music, the music of resistance and liberation, of Bob Marley. Of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. Of the tastiest way to BBQ chicken – yes we said it! Of beaches, waterfalls, rivers and cultural icons. Today marks Jamaica’s Independence Day and we’d like to highlight a few things that makes the Island special to us.

Since the 6th August 1962, Jamaica’s past, present and future has been independent from Britain. Led by the country’s first prime minister Alexander Bustamante and the new elected cabinet. The young sovereign state drafted its own constitution, symbols, currency and passport, and their identity was formed as they ushered into a new era; The exportation of the soul of Jamaica through its music, food, ideas, and people to the UK. With the migrators who travelled on SS Windrush in 1948.

Here, at the Rum Kitchen, our aim is to take you on a journey without buying a plane ticket. It starts at your seat, with a drink in your hand, and a bite of food on your fork and ends up on the shores of the Caribbean. Jamaica and its culture have been a big part of what makes what we do so special. From its characteristically ‘heavy’ molasses-based, pot still rums, we stock like the infamous Wray N Nephew, to the Jamaican dishes we offer on our menus like our Rice & Peas, Jerk BBQ, Curried Goat; To the wicked vibes of Reggae, Dancehall among others coming out through the speakers when our DJs spins the decks.

To all our guests, staff and the wider world, Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

by Ramairo Davis – Team Member at Rum Kitchen Carnaby St.

by wizard

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