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10th July 2021

Happy World Rum Day

8,000 years back in New Guinea, humanity fell in love with the true white gold, even before they were able to unlock the secrets to turn into the rum we know today. Humans were used as property to do the backbreaking work in terrible conditions in order to supply the insatiable demand for sugar.

Appleton Estate Signature Rum on shelves of Rum Kitchen as we celebrate the World Rum Day.

But there was a silver lining. Those who suffered inhumanely, managed to bless the world by being its first consumers of Rum, and used it, amongst other things, to mitigate some of the hardships they faced. It is that spirit of the Caribbean, its people and rum, we champion. That resilience. The ability to come together to express oneself, however one likes. And, like those first consumers, rum has possessed incredible strength to pursue through turbulent challenges.

From France banning rum throughout the french-speaking world in the early 18th century to stop competition with Cognac, to the levies of the Molasses Act of 1733, and its replacement ‘The Sugar Act of 1764’ to America’s 20th century prohibition effectively meaning it shut its doors to Rum. Yet, the spirit has preserved and survived, because the culture it came from was one built to survive.

We believe that too many rums are bought in vats and spiced in European countries, we feel that this isn’t benefiting the island community and doesn’t capture the island flavours. With this in mind we thought it was so important that we only stock rums that are bottled at source so they capture the taste of the island and give back to that community. So, if it’s a Ti Punch you’re after, or a Mai-Tai – or a Zombie!, or a Daiquiri, or, if you want a real trip down memory lane, a fix of Old Grog, we say do it! Happy World Rum Day ????

by Ramairo Davis – Team Member at Rum Kitchen Carnaby St.

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