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21st May 2021

Jamrock Rockin’

the Star of happy hour

It’s cold. Like really cold. And raining – it’s English weather, so it’s expected. But that’s outside.  Inside, there’s warmth. People are hugging their friends, family and loved ones. Whereas outside, the only thing worth a hug is their coats. Outside, people are dodging the rain to run for a train, a bus, a black cab or their car. Inside, people are rocking to the Dancehall and Reggae beats at the bar, or licking their plate clean at their table, or finding themselves harassing the DJ to pull-up the tune, and getting egged on by an unlikely ally from another table who was going to do the same thing. Well, that’s because, inside, we’re Jamrock Rockin’.

rum kitchen jamrock punch cocktail

We Jammin’

It’s a little-known secret that we are about a few things here at Rum Kitchen: great, authentic, ethically-sourced rum; outstanding Jerk BBQ; and a mix of sweet island sounds that get the whole crowd rockin’. We made Jamrock Punch for our dancers, for our wicked ‘n’ bad prancers, who are never scared to let the music take them where it takes them, whilst our Jerk and rum does the rest.

We needed a drink which catered to this beloved group of bacchanalists. One, that transported them to the Caribbean through their palate with tropical, exotic flavours. It’s strong in flavour and strong enough to keep the wind in their sails whilst they burn the rubber off the shoes on the dance floor. And a mix of the Jamaican Golden Rum, Coconut Rum, guava juice, lime juice, grenadine and pineapple juice, our RK die-hards agreed, hit the spot.

Ready to Rock N Roll

As we dust off our sound boxes, adjust our restaurants to keep everyone safe, ready our teams as we – hopefully – wave bye to darker times; when you find yourself at the bar and our DJs selection creates that tingle in the back of your spine, and our bartender asks you ‘what can they get you’ and you rightfully say no until you realise you deserve it, then the sensation spreads to your tastebuds and you find the melodies a little sweeter, the bass a little heavier, the rhythm a little more tantalising, then and only then, are you ready to get Jamrock Rockin.

by Ramairo Davis – Team Member at Rum Kitchen Carnaby St.

by wizard

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