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26th January 2022

Delicious Mocktails To Get You Through Dry January

We all walk into a new year determined to make a change. For most of us, January represents a chance to reset. After indulging over the holidays, you might have decided to jump onto the ‘dry January’ bandwagon. It’s a chance to give your liver a break, save a few pennies, and explore non-alcoholic & mocktail alternatives. 

But what happens when you get a craving for a cocktail? When all you want is the kick of a Mojito or the sweet taste of a Daiquiri. Well, The Rum Kitchen has you covered! That’s where our mocktails come in. Trust us. You won’t belive they don’t contain rum. 

What is dry January?


Dry January is becoming more popular as people use it to kick off their New Year’s resolutions. It might be to help them on their fitness journey, cut down on their alcohol intake, or reduce their spending. Dry January is a challenge where people spend one-month alcohol-free. 

By giving your body a month off from alcohol, you can lower your blood pressure, give your liver a well-deserved holiday, and even improve the appearance of your skin. Everyone has different reasons for taking part in Dry January. It might inspire you to make the change for good.

Meet our non-alcoholic mocktails


Dry January Mocktails

If you’re a cocktail lover, giving them up for January can be difficult. You’ll never have a bad day when you’ve got a cocktail in hand, and the first sip of a Daiquiri is always guaranteed to help you relax and unwind.

Mocktails give you the look and feel of a cocktail without the alcohol. They’re not just for people taking part in Dry January. A mocktail is a perfect drink to sip on if you’re the designated driver or don’t fancy a sore head the next morning. 

At Rum Kitchen, our mocktail menu includes four of our favourite drinks. There’s something for all taste buds, from a Mango Swizzle to a Passion No Mojito. Our mocktails are just as refreshing as the real deal – and almost half the price. 

Mango Swizzle’ is the mocktail for the citrus fans with its mango banana puree, mango, fresh lime juice, and tonic water. It’s topped with fresh mint and sugar.

Our ‘Day Off’ mocktail is made using fresh lime juice, with the kick coming from ginger, mint, and elderflower. It’s our go-to mocktail for those who want to cleanse their palette before digging into your Caribbean food. 

If you want to transport yourself to a beach in the Caribbean, sip on our ‘Pina Coladamocktail. It’s a refreshing blend of fresh pineapple and coconut, that leaves your taste buds in awe of the tropical taste. 

No mocktail menu is complete without a ‘Passion No Mojito’. Our clever cocktail makers have perfected the art of recreating the taste without the classic white rum.

Looking to find out more about our mocktails and cocktails? Explore our drinks menu.

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