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6th May 2021

The Real Rude Boy

RK modern classic

Every drink that has blessed a bartop, been laid on a napkin, been served neat or on ice, in a long glass or a coupe, a martini, a flute or a rocks glass, has a story. Whether it is Jennings Cox’s moment of genius whilst stationed in Cuba to make the Daiquiri, or Dick Bradsell’s infamous answer to something that can wake you up and mess you up at the same time, the Espresso Martini, or the long-going feud between Trader Vic’s and Don The Beachcomber’s representatives over the Mai Tai and Zombie respectively. Every great drink has a great story. And we are going to talk about our modern classic – yes, we said it! – behold, the Rude Boy.

making of rum kitchen favourite cocktal - rude boy

Badman Forward

Many moons ago – more accurately years, but hay – there was only one Rum Kitchen, in the heart of Notting Hill, that evolved from the venue that used to be home to the Mangrove – the informal headquarters for the Notting Hill Carnival in the 60s. And with such a legacy, we catered to the people and the spirit of that area that knew – maybe better than anyone – how to embody the essence of Carnival. The essence of being, of existing, and expressing yourself freely. However you choose. We were forced to push ourselves to the newer heights; to embody the best elements of the Caribbean Islands in our music, in our Jerk and in our drinks. Enter the Rude Boy.

Make it a “Strong Double”

Out-drinking an enthusiast at Oktoberfest, hard; out-drinking a true RK bacchanlist, impossible. Most of our customers know us for two things: Jerk Bbq and rum, the regulars were strangers to neither. They wanted our food packed full of flavour, and our drinks strong and tasty… So, what’s stronger than a double shot of rum – the legal limit of alcohol – without breaking the law… Overproof Rum.

Show me the Real Rude Boy!

A generous helping of White and Dark Overproof Rum, passion fruit juice, a fusion of pimento spices – the key to any jerk cooking, grenadine, and freshly squeezed lime juice is how we answered that call. Our challenge to those who claimed they were made of ‘different stuff’, saying they could handle ‘the kick’. The Rude Boy’s froth on the top fooled most people about the deep red potency that swam around in the glass. And our challenge grew like wildfire, easily becoming the most popular cocktail across our London cocktail bars. So much so, other chains tried to imitate it… cough, cough.

And to our new dewy-eyed customers that come asking to make it strong, to make sure they feel the kick, ready to join the RK fellowship and our history, our bartenders have one question… Show me the Real Rude Boy!

by Ramairo Davis – Team Member at Rum Kitchen Carnaby St.

by wizard

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