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15th June 2021

Brighton and the Rum Cove

rum kitchen opening

Can you smell that?

No, that?!

The air. Fresh air. Fresh seaside air. Brought in with the tide to soothe the moisture sliding down your forehead as you wonder if your sun-hat is really doing its job, or whether you put on too much sun lotion or not, but you thank your lucky stars anyway, because, with your eyes closed, as you swirl the crackling ice in your glass, you can forget that your swimsuit and your beach-mat don’t match. Because getting a Mojito or a Daiquiri by the beach is absolute bliss. We know. That’s why there’s a Rum Kitchen next to it.

Rum Kitchen Crew in Brighton

Rumming with the Tide.

Like how rum and The Caribbean Island’s flavours first crossed the Atlantic to warm up the cold streets of Britain, we are also migrating, or Rumming-with-the-tide, from London to the shore of Brighton. And we’re taking a few things with us.

Brightonians can now warm up their plate with our many Caribbean-Inspired flavours; from our sizzling Jerk BBQ to literally breaking bread over our inspired Trinidadian classic, Doubles. A range of fried Roti bread, and curried chickpeas served with tangy cool chutneys. To our Bajan inspired Salt Fish Fritters (or Fish Cakes – whichever name you prefer): delightfully fluffy,  a little crunchy, rife with pepper and spice.

And, when they’re done, they can wash it down with our new selection of punches: Amazon, Bajan, Jamrock or Planters’, or try our hall-of-fame signature cocktails in Brighton like our Jamrock Punch, the perfect marathon drink for when our veteran DJs hit the decks and they can’t stop their feet from moving; Or, for those who want to put hair on your chest, or take it off, or just prove they’re made of harder stuff, the strong overproof rum in our Rude Boy cocktail can put that to the test.

Or, maybe, you’re already a convert – a secret rum connoisseur, hiding amongst mere mortals, or  would just like to become one. Our vast selection of authentic, rare, artisan, bottled-at-source, rums will reward even the most well-read rum student with some surprises and learning experiences. Our teams are ready to accommodate.

We’re bringing the same beloved experience and culture we dedicated ourselves to in London to Brighton. Just you can now do it with a view, sand, and sea. You’re welcome.

It’s Hove, actually.

Our new Brighton family are getting more romanced with our culture and, at the same time, we’re learning all we can ‘The Queen of Watering Places’, the former fishing village known as Brighthelmstone, that we now call Brighton. Our brand ambassadors have become our own mini-explorers, exploring the edges of Brighton and the Hove – Yes, we know its actually called ‘Brighton and the Hove’, and yes, we did our homework.

And like all great weddings, we will have plenty of pictures. So much so, that our online RK family will be scratching their heads trying to guess which site the wicked vibes are coming from. Is it Shoreditch? Is it Soho? Is it Brixton? But no.

It’s Brighton, actually. No, it’s Hove, actually. No, it’s the Rum Kitchen actually.

by Ramairo Davis – Team Member at Rum Kitchen Carnaby St.

by wizard

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