16th February 2021


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Sweet-tooth friends, Pancake Day 2021 is here and we think many of us could use a nice treat during these challenging and dull lockdown days.

plantain pancake with abuelo 7 rum in th ebackground
Plantain pancakes w/ rum & molasses sauce and coconut whipped cream.

Also known as Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday, Pancake Day is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Historically, people were supposed to use up any stocks of food forbidden during this time (butter, eggs and fat) and this is how this tradition started. 

Pancakes are easy to make and most of the recipes you’ll find include ingredients you are likely to have in your cupboard: flour, sugar, eggs, milk, oil, salt. You can make them sweet, savoury, thick, thin, and – very popular lately – vegan. 

Why not give your pancake stack a touch of the island flavours we all love? Here’s three ideas for you.

– Plantain makes everything better: whether you fold mashed plantains into the pancake batter or slice & fry them to be used as topping, the result will be delicious  – you can also caramelise them with brown sugar for extra sweetness.

– Coconut whipped dream: you can make your homemade coconut whipped cream using just a can of coconut milk; chill it for at least 8h so the cream will separate from the water, then whip only the cream and add this fluffy cloud of goodness on top of your pancake.

– Spice them up: be creative and play with the spices you like cinnamon, cloves and ginger. All of these will add an extra kick.

Whatever kind of pancake you go for today, have fun and enjoy!

by Camilla Pelliccia – Assistant General Manager at Rum Kitchen Brixton

by camilla


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